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Wuufu Valerius Vitus first joined NationStates in the region Spiritus, serving under President Wintermoot as Minister of Culture soon after he joined. During Wintermoot’s terms he served in the Regional Assembly, and soon after became Vice President of the region. He also later joined the SDF.

Shortly after Wintermoot’s departure, Wuufu became President of Spiritus, inheriting it constitutionally from Wintermoot as his Vice President. He served one and a half terms, notably involved in the British Isles incident for vote rigging and for being the only President to veto an act since Spiritus creation, the FRA Act II. During his terms, Wuufu gained the title of Guardian, and near the end also gained temporary Founder status of Spiritus from Tim.

Wuufu’s term ended due to a clause in the constitution that prevented him from running again as he failed to find a Electoral Commissioner in time for the election period. During the current term of Salaxalans, Wuufu has since rejoined the Regional Assembly, then joined the Supreme Court bench, and has also become a General in the SDF in charge of minor update.