Hi, I’m Wuufu

Hello everybody. I’m Wuufu, a player of the online game NationStates. I’m currently a citizen of Spiritus and Wintreath, and the founder of Cynosure.

Within Spiritus, I’m one of the Guardian’s of the Forums, Minister of Culture, General of the Spiritus Defence Force, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Owner of Tammy (Spiritus’ IRC bot) and IRC Op.

Within Wintreath, I’m Chairman of the Overhusen and Owner of Zaphyr (Wintreath’s IRC bot).

Within Cynosure, I’m Grand Master of the region (founder) and many other things too, alongside being Owner of River (Cynosure’s IRC bot).

Read below for more information on my nations, bots and services that I offer the regions I play in.

Nations • Bots

Wuufu (Spiritus Nation)

Tammy (Spiritus Bot)

Wuureath (Wintreath Nation)

Zaphyr (Wintreath Bot)

The Cynosure Temple (Cynosure Nation)

River (Cynosure Bot)